OCEAN TO OUTBACK: Australian Landscape Painting 1850–1950

From the white heat of our beaches to the red heart of central Australia, Ocean to Outback: Australian landscape painting 1850–1950 conveys the great beauty and diversity of the Australian continent. [...]

Encompassing colonial through to modernist works, the exhibition spans the great century of Australian landscape art. From 1850 to 1950 landscape was the most painted and celebrated theme in Australian art. As well as images which convey the geographical extremes of the continent, Ocean to Outback includes works that reflect significant events that transformed the social fabric of Australia – droughts and bushfires, the gold rushes, the Depression, and times of war. [...]

Ocean to Outback: Australian landscape painting 1850–1950 includes images of the furthest points of distance and geography across Australia. Created by some of our greatest landscape artists, these paintings reveal the compelling beauty, extreme conditions and qualities of the Australian environment that have made landscape painting a vital force in Australian culture.

Beatrice Gralton
Associate Curator, Australian Painting and Sculpture

Russell  Drysdale Emus in a landscape 1950

Sydney Long - Feeding time 1896

Arthur Boyd - The hunter I 1944

Frederick McCubbin - Down on his luck 1889

Jeffrey Smart - Wallaroo 1951
Knut Bull - The wreck of the 'George the Third' 1850

Ray Crooke - Kingfisher, Thursday Island 1950

Roland Wakelin - Barn near Tuggerah 1919

Margaret Preston - Flying over the Shoalhaven River 1942

Sidney Nolan - Ku-ring-gai Chase 1948
Arthur Streeton - The selector's hut 1890

Grace Cossington Smith - The bridge in building 1929-30

Percy Lindsay - Miners and cradle Creswick 1893

 […] it is continually exciting, these curious and strange rhythms which one discovers in a vast landscape, the juxtaposition of figures, of objects, all these things are exciting. Add to that again the peculiarity of the particular land in which we live here, and you get a quality of strangeness that you do not find, I think, anywhere else. Russell Drysdale, 1960


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